Going Green & Living Clean Workbook

feeling overwhelmed on this green living journey?

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  • Shop for green living & zero waste products confidently
  • Save time searching for effective green & clean living brands
  • Take the guesswork out of what to buy 
  • Learn which eco-friendly brands to trust
  • Start room by room using the Going Green & Living Clean checklists

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Going Green Quick Start Guide

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Features & Benefits:

Going Green checklist


Going Green & Living Green Checklists to help you tackle your transition room by room

prep guides

Going Green & Living Clean guides with movies, documentaries, and book recommendations

Zero Waste Kitchen Swaps


8 pages of resources for Going Green & Clean Living brands and simple swaps

Plus more!

Going Green Quick Start Guide

stress-free, time-saving resources for going green & living clean!

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** This is a digital product.**

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