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9 zero waste kitchen Swaps

(Every Family can Make)

  • Say goodbye to overwhelm 
  • Go zero waste with confidence
  • Transition to a low waste kitchen
  • Save time and money 

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Have you ever felt like there are not enough hours in the day to juggle your family’s schedules while also trying to live a green, sustainable lifestyle? 

I’m passionate about helping busy moms find simple, easy-to-implement tips to go green and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Together, we will take steps towards an eco-friendly home. 


living clean

Does living a clean lifestyle feel out of reach? At Simply Living Green, you will find easy-to-implement tips for living a healthy and clean lifestyle. 

Remember, we are all on this journey together and you will never feel the pressure to be perfect. Let’s move towards clean living to improve our lifestyle in a practical way


Hi There, I’m Rebekah!

I’m committed to helping moms and working women protect their health, their family’s health, their home, and the environment, all while living a simpler and more intentional life.

As a mother of three daughters with medical challenges and special needs, I know what it’s like to live a hectic, stressful life.

That’s why I share easy-to-implement tips to help you with …

Going Green & living clean!


Get weekly tips for going green & living clean! 

12 Zero Waste Goals for this year

12 zero waste goals in the new year

Just imagine how you would feel 12 months from now if you drastically reduced the waste your family made this year.

It’s never too late to start! 

Even busy moms and families can make these simple swaps!

Just make one swap each month and reach your zero waste goals – even if you are a zero waste beginner!


Going Green & Living Clean Favorites

low waste kitchen swaps

Low waste kitchen

Easy plastic-free swaps for your kitchen

Low Waste Kitchen

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Zero waste toilet paper

5 zero waste toilet paper options

toilet paper options

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zero waste toothpaste

zero waste toothpaste

7 zero waste toothpaste options plus a DIY recipe

best zero waste toothpaste

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diy recycled earth day crayons

Earth Day Crayons

Learn how to upcycle your old crayons

DIY Recycled crayons

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What Readers Think

The Simply Living Green website and blog posts written by Rebekah are bright and cheerful approach to making mindful, sustainable, and ethical decisions when it comes to running a household. I look forward to reading her honest, thoughtful reviews of products and themes I consider to be important and relevant to me and my family.
Tiffanny B.
Rebekah does such a great job writing informative, thorough, and well-researched blog posts. She recently wrote an amazing guest post for my blog all about how to get started with a clean lifestyle, and I was so excited to share it with my readers. Whenever a new post is published, I look forward to reading it. Great work – thank you!
Darcy G.
Rebekah shares some really great tips and ideas about to make healthy changes. I love how she makes them easy to actually make part of your life.
Valerie M.
Simply Living Green with Rebekah is a welcoming website with a clean, fresh and easy to use design. She invites you in and makes it easy to find the tips and tricks you are looking for to make sustainable, practical changes for your health and environment.
Caitlin T.




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