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Have you ever felt like there are not enough hours in the day to juggle your family’s schedules while also trying to live a green, sustainable lifestyle? I’m passionate about helping busy women and moms find simple, easy-to-implement tips to go green and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. 

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glass jars

Transition to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Many people feel that going zero waste is out of reach and hard to achieve. These 5 simple ways will help you reduce your plastic waste in your home and start inching you towards a zero waste lifestyle. 


Zero Waste Tool Kit

How to Make a Zero-Waste Tool Kit on a Budget

Building a zero-waste, or low-waste, lifestyle can be overwhelming and costly at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to make a simple zero waste toolkit on a budget!


Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Family

Making sustainable choices for your family can be easy if you start with one change.  Little by little you can make a positive impact and go green. Follow these 3 simple steps to start today!

Reuse Before You Recycle

Reuse Before You

Don’t avoid making strides towards a zero waste lifestyle because you can’t do it perfectly. Learn how these small steps to reuse before you recycle can have a positive impact.


plastic disposable cups and plastic spoon

My Zero Waste Fails: Overcoming Eco-Guilt

Do you feel like you are failing at your zero-waste lifestyle? My zero waste fails are plentiful, but remember, zero waste is a journey, not a destination!


Will You Pledge to #Stopsucking?

Single-use plastic straws can’t be recycled, are not biodegradable, and cause harm to our environment and wildlife. Learn how to eliminate single-use plastic straws with these simple tips.

broken crayons

Upcycle Broken Crayons in 7 Simple Steps

Did you know that more than a half-million pounds of broken crayons are discarded every year? Keep crayons out of the landfill with 7 easy steps to upcycle your broken crayons!

Preserving Pickles

Reduce Waste with Food Preservation

Food preservation is a great way to not only know what you are eating and eat healthy, but it also helps reduce packaging waste, too.



Repurpose Christmas Cards

I love receiving Christmas cards but haven’t had a thoughtful way to save the photo cards and never want to throw them away. Reduce waste and preserve memories with these 10  creative ways to repurpose your Christmas cards each year!


Christmas Card Book

What do you do with all the Christmas cards you receive each year? Throw them away? Recycle them? Stack them in a pile on a shelf somewhere or in a box? Well, I’ve got a perfect solution for you! 

Antique Book Journal

Upcycle Books into Journals

Are your shelves lined with vintage or unused books? Upcycle old books into journals, keep them out of landfills, and make them into something new and beautiful!


Upcycle Your Cards

Upcycle your greeting cards, for Christmas or any occasion, and repurpose them into something new! Two simple DIY projects included.

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