5 Clean Eating Blogs to Make Healthy Eating Easy for Families

You are a busy mom but obviously one that strives to provide healthy, clean food for your family.  Yet, life gets in the way sometimes. Maybe your schedule is busy, the kids need to shuttled to all their activities, and you don’t have enough time to cook at home. I can completely relate! This list of 5 of the best clean eating blogs will help make healthy eating easier for you and your family. 

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Feeding our family has always been a challenge, even back when my husband and I were dating and newly married.  We both grew up eating traditional American family meals with meat and a variety of potatoes, veggies and other side dishes. 

Yet, as young adults, we both adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. Partly because we wanted to be healthier, partly because we didn’t enjoy eating meat, and partly because we were huge animal lovers and activists.   

Eating a vegetarian diet brought on a set of challenges, not only for us but for our friends and family.  Eating dinner at other people’s homes or dining out wasn’t always that easy, but we were committed to our decision and made it work for 15 years. 

Little did I know then, that it was preparing us for the feeding challenges that lay ahead for us with our three daughters.  

Each of them faced a different challenge from a young age when it came to feeding. Some of our challenges included food allergies, extreme pickiness due to sensory processing disorder and autism, feeding tubes, slow growth, GI distress and more.  

So eating healthy has always brought challenges to our family but we never gave up and always found new ways, ideas, and even therapies to help our family stay on the right path towards healthy eating.  

Now that we have made a lot of progress in those areas and are on a clean eating journey, we are met with other challenges – mainly a lack of time in the evenings to cook healthy, clean meals. 

Hectic schedules leave little time for meal planning and preparation. That’s when the temptation to head to the nearest fast food drive-thru kicks in. We need something that’s easy and quick.  

I’m sure you can relate to some of these same struggles.

If you are striving to meet your clean eating goals and get more nutritious meals on the table, check out these 5 clean eating blogs for tons of inspiration and healthy, achievable meals. 

Even busy moms can provide clean, healthy meals with just a little help from these experts. 

All of these websites and blogs feature recipes, tips, and ideas for healthy meals for your family.  Many of them provide also provide ideas for getting meals planned, prepped, and prepared quickly. Several have fast meal prep solutions so that you can get dinner on the table even on hectic nights.


clean eating blog - simple green smoothies

Simple Green Smoothies will always have a special place in my heart because this was the blog that propelled me into my clean eating journey.  It all started with the FREE 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge which I completed in March 2019. The challenge was easy to accomplish and got me in the habit of drinking a green smoothie every morning (still going!). 

The following month, I joined the Simple Green Smoothies plant-based meal planning subscription, called Rawk the Year, and loved it! The dinners and snacks were amazing, delicious and so healthy. 

Simple Green Smoothies is clean eating at its best! However, the recipes do take a little more prep and cooking time but these plant-based meals are probably one of the healthiest available. Head over to the blog for free recipes, check out the cookbooks or try the 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. 


clean eating blog - wholefully

Wholefully is where I go for inspiration for clean eating and wellness.  Cassie Johnston, the founder of Wholefully, is an amazing food photographer and features so many delicious clean eating recipes on her blog.  

Signing up for the newsletter is a must! You will receive a FREE Living Wholefully Starter Guide that includes tips, tricks, recipes and a 14-day meal plan to get you started.  Plus, new recipes will be sent straight to your inbox when they go live on her blog. 


clean eating blog - Fed and Fit

I first came across Fed + Fit, when I was watching a webinar that the owner, Cassy Joy Garcia, was a guest on. Cassy is a Beautycounter consultant, like me, and pursues a clean living lifestyle. When I heard that she had a blog and clean eating cookbooks, I hopped over to her website and became an instant follower.  

Her clean eating cookbook, Cook Once, Eat All Week, will help you eat clean and minimize the time it takes you to prepare healthy meals all week.  The cookbook has 26 weeks of healthy, affordable meal prep plans to preserve your time and sanity. The meals can be customized to accommodate any size family and most dietary requirements, including low-carb, paleo, grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and even kid-friendly recipes!

Plus, you can sign up to get 4 free weeks of meal plans and shopping lists sent straight to your inbox. 


clean eating blog - 100 Days of Real Food

100 Days of Real Food was the first website I came across several years ago when my daughters were babies/toddlers and my first introduction to “real food” or clean eating.  It’s a great resource if you are new to clean eating or trying to get your family on board.  

The website features a blog, free recipes, a “start here” section and a 6-week Real Food Mini- Pledge program.


5 Dinners 1 Hour blog

If you are looking for an easy meal prep plan, look no further! 5 Dinners 1 Hour is a simple meal planning prep system where you can prep all 5 dinners for the week in under an hour, making busy weeknights almost effortless.

The recipes, grocery lists, and simple step by step instruction for both prep and cook days are all included.  You can choose the Classic Menu, the Clean Eating Menu (my favorite), or a Family Combo menu. 

Plus you can adjust the serving sizes to fit your family and generate a custom shopping list in under 5 minutes.  Read more about the memberships, give a couple of their recipes a try from the blog, or try the Sample Custom Meal Plan for just $2!  


I hope that these 5 clean eating blogs have inspired you to start your clean eating journey today. 

You can keep all of these clean eating blogs bookmarked on your computer, tablet or smartphone, or pin this post to your clean eating board on Pinterest so that you can pull these resources up at your fingertips at any time! 

No longer will you be scrambling to find healthy recipes by scouring the internet.  These 5 clean eating blogs will give you plenty of ideas, save you time and help you get fast, healthy meals on the table for your family.

And remember, we are in this together! Share what works for you in the comments so we can all continue learning how to live our best lives!

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