15 At-Home Zero Waste Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

zero waste Mother's Day gifts

Mother’s Day is approaching fast! 

Are you looking for a zero waste or eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift for your mom, wife, or special woman in your life? 

Shopping for mom can be hard sometimes, especially this year since most of us will be spending Mother’s Day at home. The current pandemic has made traditional Mother’s Day celebrations tricky. 

The moms in our lives still deserve a special day — now more than ever! These 15 zero waste Mother’s Day gift ideas can be enjoyed at home or virtually! 


All moms are likely working overtime and extra hard right now, and those with young children have just gained a new role and job description now that schools are closed… teacher or homeschooling mother!

I’ve been home with the kids the past 8 years, raising our children and working part-time here and there.

Yet, even as a former elementary and middle school teacher, I never imagined that I would be homeschooling my first-grade, second-grade, and fifth-grade daughters. I knew I was not cut out to be a homeschooling momma, but now I really know why. 

It’s hard! Period.

I’m sure if you are in my shoes, you feel similarly – especially if you have multiple children with multiple needs like our family.  

I love my kids dearly, but with multiple special needs and health struggles, it can be a challenging journey. 

So now, more than ever, moms deserve a Mother’s Day that not only shows them how much they are appreciated but gives them the break they deserve.


Often I see zero waste gift guides that suggest taking your loved one out for a meal or to give an experience gift. 

Taking mom out for a massage, manicures, and pedicures are popular zero waste / low waste gift options. These types of gifts can reduce the amount of waste since there is little or no need to wrap these types of presents.  

However this year, these types of gifts are off-limits – at least for now.

The good news is that these 15 zero waste Mother’s Day gift ideas can be enjoyed at home or virtually! There’s no excuse to not celebrate mom this Mother’s Day! Show her how much you care about her – while also showing how much you care about our planet. 

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At-Home Zero Waste & Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Pamper Mom with Beautycounter Mother’s Day Shop

Beautycounter Rosewood Lip Trio

Beautycounter’s Mother’s Day Shop has gifts to pamper mom and say I love you, I appreciate you, and Thank you. Give the mother in your life the gift of clean beauty! Rest assured that you are taking care of mom with Beautycounter’s Never List, which includes over 1,800 questionable ingredients that they promise to keep out of their products.  Beauty should be good for that special lady in your life!  

2. Rothy’s Shoes Gift Card

Rothy's eco-friendly shoes
Photo credit: Rothy’s

These shoes are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly! Rothy’s is committed to making fashionable shoes while also being mindful of the environment and creating very little waste in the process.  Rothy’s shoes and other products like their purses are crafted using recycled plastic bottles. Read about more about their sustainable practices

Ordering is stress-free with free shipping and free returns! Not sure what she would like? Give the ultimate virtual option of an online gift card. Plus, “Rothy’s will donate 5 disposable, non-medical masks to workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis for every item purchased through April 30.”

3. Make Mom a Meal

If your mom lives at home with you, you’re in luck! You get to spend the day with her in person and can give her the day off from cooking – or at least one meal. Cook mom her favorite meal or give her breakfast in bed. It’s the perfect zero waste Mother’s Day gift – when using your zero waste or low waste kitchen supplies. For more zero waste ideas, see the reusable gift ideas in idea #4.

4. Reusable Gifts

Reusable gifts make the perfect zero waste Mother’s Day gift option. A lot of zero waste and eco-friendly mommas are feeling a little discouraged these days because reusable items are temporarily banned in stores and many people are wondering if the zero waste lifestyle will survive this pandemic. Perk your mom up by giving her a reusable gift that she can use at home right now. 

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5. Gifts Certificates (for when the pandemic is over)

When this pandemic is over and the shelter in place orders are lifted, many of us will be ready to get out of the house – especially moms that have been working at home and/or homeschooling full time. Think of your mother’s favorite restaurant, salon, spa, or movie theater and buy her a virtual gift card to use in the near future. It will give her something to look forward to!

6. At-Home Manicure or Pedicure

zero waste mother's day gift

Speaking of spas, just because your mom or special lady can’t go to a professional spa this Mother’s Day doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a spa-like experience! Pamper mom with an at-home manicure or pedicure using supplies you already have on hand.

7. Make a Donation in Mom’s Name

Another zero waste Mother’s Day gift idea is to make a donation to a charitable organization in her name. Choosing an eco-friendly, zero waste, or sustainable company shows your mom that you care about her, her values, and the Earth. A few options to consider are:

8. Buddha Board (Zero Waste Drawing Pad)

Buddha Board

The Buddha Board will help the mother in your life relax on Mother’s Day and every day. This paint board that uses only water was inspired by the “Zen idea of living in the moment.” Watch how the creation evaporates as the water dries, allowing you to create beautiful artwork while also being eco-friendly. No ink, paint or chemicals are used. Plus, it will last for years with proper care. Personally, I’ve been using my Buddha Board to unwind after a stressful day for the past year, and I love it!

9. Virtual Yoga Class

Does the mother in your life enjoy yoga and miss heading the studio for a yoga class? Bring the yoga studio to her! Several studios are offering virtual yoga classes during this time of social distancing.  Check out these virtual offerings that are available now, or search for a yoga studio near you so you can go try the in-person experience when the pandemic is behind us. 

10. Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Suga Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

If your yoga-loving lady doesn’t have a yoga mat yet and is also eco-conscious, you will win her over with the Suga Yoga Mat which is made using 100% recycled wetsuits in the United States! Check out the video on Suga’s homepage which tells the inspiring story of how this company got started.

11. Book of the Month Club

Can’t see mom in person this year? Join a book club together! I would normally prefer and suggest that you check out books at the library, but that is not an option currently. Instead, consider downloading digital copies of the books together or buy her the Book of the Month Club subscription. Right now they are offering $10 off a 6-month or 12-month subscription (see website for details). You’ll not only be giving a gift of a book but also the gift of connection when you can chat on the phone, FaceTime, or have a Zoom call to discuss the books! When you’re done with the books, you can pass them on to a neighbor, family member, or friend to keep it more eco-friendly. 

12. Scout & Cellar Wine Club

scout and cellar wine
Photo credit: Scout & Cellar

Send clean-crafted wine straight to your mom’s doorstep! These clean-crafted wines from Scout & Cellar are made without synthetic pesticides and bottled consciously without any added sugars or non-organic chemicals. The wine produced straight from vineyards to your home in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging that can be reused, recycled, or composted in some cases. Plus, you’ll notice that the wine bottles come without the extra foil wrapping to reduce the waste! Sign mom up for the Scout Circle Wine Club or send her a few of her favorite bottles this Mother’s Day so she can avoid going to the store!

13. What Can I Make Mom for Mother’s Day? (Upcycled Gifts)

Making upcycled Mother’s Day gifts using items that you have in your home and would otherwise be destined for the trash is a creative, eco-friendly way to show mom you care about her and the Earth! Use your imagination or check out these Pinterest boards for some ideas. 

14. Seed Paper Mother’s Day Cards

seed paper cards

DIY seed paper cards are a fun and eco-friendly project for your kids to make mom this year for Mother’s Day.  Dad can supervise and give mom an extra break and time for herself.  All the materials needed and instructions can be found over at Fireflies & Mud Pies

15. Give Mom a Day Off!

I saved the best idea for last… at least in my opinion! If your wife, mother or other special mom has been working extra hard, I promise you that this will be a gift she truly appreciates!  Give mom a day off from cooking, clean and caring for others. Show her the royal treatment and allow her to put her feet up for the day. Pair this gift with a homemade card using recycled/upcycled materials, and you’ll be set. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these zero waste Mother’s Day gifts!

The special mother in your life will thank you for thinking of them while also being mindful of your gift choices to help reduce the waste this Mother’s Day.  Your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated – I promise!  

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Zero waste Mother's Day gift ideas

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