5 Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking to surprise your mom, wife, or special lady this Mother’s Day with an eco-friendly gift?  

Shopping for mom can be hard sometimes.  These five eco-friendly and unique gift ideas will show mom just how much you care about her – and the environment!

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1. Rothy’s shoes

These beautiful and eco-friendly flats are crafted using recycled plastic bottles. Rothy’s is committed to making stylish shoes while keeping the environment in mind and creating very little waste in the process.  Read about their company here and then grab a pair for mom stress-free with free shipping and free returns!

2. Beautycounter

For gifts that say, “Love you, thank you, appreciate you,” give the mother in your life the gift of clean beauty! Beautycounter promises to never use over 1,500 questionable ingredients, found on their Never List, while providing high standard products. Beauty should be good for that special lady in your life!  This Best of Beautycounter collection and other amazing Mother’s Day ideas can be found here.

3. Notabag

The Notabag is a reusable and eco-friendly bag that turns into a backpack, which is perfect for moms that need to keep their hands free to help their young children or moms of kids with special needs.  Plus it’s stylish and comes in a variety of colors!

4. Suga Yoga Mats

If your mother or wife loves to practice yoga but is also eco-conscious, you will win her over with the Suga Yoga Mat which is made in the U.S. using 100% recycled wetsuits! The video on the homepage of the Suga website tells the amazing story of how this company got started.

5. Buddha Board

The Buddha Board will help the mother in your life relax on Mother’s Day and every day. “It is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment,” and is a paint board that uses only water. “Master the art of letting go” and watch how the creation evaporates as the water dries, allowing you to live in the moment and create while also being environmentally friendly.  No paint, ink or chemicals are used, and it will last for years with proper care. I’ve personally been enjoying my Buddha Board to unwind after a stressful day!

I hope these five eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas will help you plan an amazing Mother’s Day this year by taking care of the mother in your life – and Mother Nature!

Let me know how your Mother’s Day celebrations turn out! Share your comments and photos with me here or by emailing me at rebekah@simplygreenrebekah.com. I love hearing from you!


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