The Balancing Act – How busy women can achieve a healthy lifestyle

Are you tired of falling back on convenience foods and throwing your healthy lifestyle goals out the window because life gets too hectic?

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I’m here to remind you that if you want to, you can achieve it!

Trust me when I say, I never thought I could achieve this either.  In March 2018, my then 8-year-old daughter went into sudden acute liver failure, which resulted in multi-organ failure.  She was intubated and sedated in the PICU for 4 weeks fighting for her life, and was ultimately hospitalized for 11 weeks in total.  

It’s over a year later, and unfortunately, she is still not fully recovered.  We are so grateful that she is doing as well as she is, but life has been overwhelming at times as we care for her medical needs.  Additionally, we have two younger daughters, who also have special needs and keep us on our toes daily.

Life is hectic.  Life is going non-stop over here. Life rarely cuts us a break.

These were the messages that played in my head each day.  Are they true? Sure! Do they need to be my excuses? Not anymore!

My self-care, health, and personal needs were neglected. After caring for my daughters, I never seemed to have any time or energy left over to take care of myself properly. Instead of making myself a healthy meal, I would eat the leftovers from the kids’ lunches. (Are there any other moms that do this?) Instead of exercising in the morning, I would sleep, because I had been woken up throughout the night to tend to my daughter’s medical needs. You get the picture, right? Can you relate to the demands of raising your children?

Or maybe you are a working woman who’s bogged down by the demands and crazy hours at work, and by the time you get home you are wiped out! I’ve been there too!

After surviving my daughter’s critical illness a year ago, I’ve learned the hard way that life is fragile, and you are never guaranteed another day. So I knew I had to start living my life the way I needed to, not only for myself but also for my family. I’m sure you’ve heard these sayings before, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” or “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. by Randy Pausch

Based on my own experience, this is what I see women struggling with the most. We are often caregivers, volunteers, friends, mothers, daughters, and the first to raise our hand to help others while putting our own needs aside.

We are no longer going to say, “someday I’ll eat healthier,” or “someday I’ll start focusing on my health,” or “someday I’ll ______________ (fill in the blank).” Today is your someday!

That is why I started the Living Clean Club; to help you achieve your goals! I will be sharing what has worked for me since I’ve shifted my mindset and become focused on my self-care and health this year. Each week, we will be focusing on one of the following goals.


  • Fuel your mind
  • Fuel your body
  • Fuel your spirit

We will discuss strategies for prioritizing what is urgent vs. important in our lives, and how to shift our mindset and habits to achieve these goals.

We will remind ourselves to grow slow and make small changes that lead to healthy habits.

We will give ourselves grace and flexibility to figure out what works best for each person. We are all unique and living unique lives!

We will remember that we are all in different seasons of life, and our priorities may shift and change.  

We will ask for help and give ourselves permission to put our needs first sometimes.

Together, we can do this!  If you are committed to a mindset and a healthy lifestyle, then you CAN achieve it. Sign up for the Living Clean Club below!

Did I mention that it’s FREE? Can’t wait to see you there!


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