Earth Day 2019 Resources

With Earth Day just two weeks away on April 22, 2019, I wanted to share some ways you can celebrate and learn more with your family. As a mom to three young daughters, I am focused not only on the changes I can make to be environmentally friendly but also on teaching my children to do the same. It is so important for the next generation to learn how to live a less-waste lifestyle so that we can turn the future of our planet around.

If we each do a few small things throughout our day, we can make a big, positive impact. Sharing eco-friendly resources and books with your children will give them the background to understand why this is so important and to teach them some early habits like the 3 R’s — REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. I’ve gathered a few recommendations to get you started.

Books for Children

Not for me, please!: I choose to act green by Maria Godsey

Not for me, please!: I chose to act green is about a boy who notices all the damage caused by the trash around him and decides to say “Not for me, please!” Helpful facts about the global pollution problem are also included to help guide parents in conversations with their children.

I Can Save The Ocean
I Can Save the Ocean by Alison Inches

I Can Save the Ocean is about how Max, a little green monster, comes up with a plan to save the ocean after snorkeling through trash on his day at the beach.

The Adventures of an Aluminum Can by Alison Inches

The Adventures of an Aluminum Can is a peek into the diary of this aluminum can as it goes on a journey from the manufacturing line, to the store, then to a home, and eventually to the recycling plant. It’s a great introduction to the recycling process.

One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul

One Plastic Bag is based on a true story of Isatou Ceesay who lives in Njau, Gambia. She and a group of women took plastic bags that were polluting their town and turned them into beautiful purses. It’s an inspiring story that teaches children how to upcycle their plastic waste.

New Series on National Geographic

In April 2019, National Geographic channel released a new documentary series called the Hostile Planet by the Academy Award-winning director and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro.  

The series takes you around the world and into the oceans to show how climate change is impacting the lives of animals in these remote locations and how the animals are adapting in order to survive.

The first episode, called Mountains, aired on April 1, 2019, and can be found on the National Geographic website.

I hope you found these resources helpful for your family. Many of the books can be found at your local library or on Kindle Unlimited for free! There’s plenty of time to use these resources and watch the series this month!

How will you celebrate Earth Day 2019 and give back to our planet? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Also, please share this post with others and help spread the word about Earth Day 2019!


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